1. Leave it the way you found it.
  2. Take your trash with you.
  3. Read and understand the instructions for the following if you plan on using them:
    • Composting Toilet
    • Wood Stove
    • Outside Fireplace
    • Outside Grill
    • Propane Stove and Refrigerator
  4. The property adjacent to the yurt is private property.  Please be respectful of our neighbor’s privacy and land.  Use established roads and trails.  Do not trespass on, alter, litter or damage our neighbor’s property in any way.
  5. Do not alter, litter or damage our property in any way.
  6. DO NOT start a fire outside on the forest floor…  PERIOD! If there is a fire ban in Park County, which is common in the summer, DO NOT start a fire in the outside fireplace.
  7. Please do not park in front of the gate across the road. This is our neighbor’s driveway.


  1. The property line on the riverside is a steep embankment to the river. Don’t let children wander.
  2. In the winter, the skiing is fantastic in the bowl above the yurt. Please be advised it is avalanche prone, requiring backcountry skills and equipment.
  3. The deck does not have a rail yet and is 5 ft off the ground at the highest point. Please don’t fall off.
  4. The yurt is 14 miles off the highway on a gradually deteriorating dirt road. Passenger vehicles can make the drive, however, drive slowly and carefully.
  5. Bring water and food.