I love it there, and am proud to be able to share this little piece of heaven with you. It is stunningly beautiful and thankfully peaceful. Sorry, no cell service or internet, you’ll just have to play cards and talk with your friends, or just listen to the wind rustle the trees outside and Four Mile Creek flow past the yurt below. It’s a yurt, so don’t expect chocolates on your pillows. What you can expect is the most amazing time away from all the hustle bustle, surrounded by heaven. Read More >>>

Kurt’s Yurt is NOT a 5 star Michelin Resort, and for good reason!  We don’t offer turn down service, however, we DO offer all the comforts yurt camping can possibly offer.  Come take a look!

Kurt’s Yurt is situated in a high alpine valley in the Mosquito Range above South Park and Fairplay, Colorado.  In the summer, you can drive to it in a passenger vehicle, just make sure you take your time and don’t straddle any big rocks!  In the winter, you can get to within 2 to 3 miles of the yurt depending on weather, requiring skis, snowshoes or snowmobile for access.    See our location page for maps and directions.

Even though Kurt’s Yurt is comfortable and secure, it is still located in a High Alpine Environment.  Weather can change at any moment, from brilliant sunshine to blinding snow storm in a matter of minutes. There are many wonderful trails, however, the terrain can be steep and precipitous if you venture further out.  Please make sure and review our rules and safety page for important details.