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My favorite ride from the Yurt –
Brown’s Pass to Sheep Park, Sheep Creek and Twelve Mile Lake


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Rocky Mountain Angler Club – 4 Mile Creek

South Park Anglers – Lower 4 Mile Creek

Boxwood Gulch

Park County

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How To

Light a fire in a wood stove – I highly recommend watching this video if you plan on using the stove in the yurt.  Pay particular attention to using a “torch” made of a piece of newspaper to initially heat the stove pipe and eliminate the negative pressure before you light the rest of the fire.  If you don’t do this, you will fill the yurt full of smoke.  Also, contrary to the video, I recommend waiting to put larger pieces on the fire until the smaller stuff catches.  Leave the door of the yurt open a jar so you can get a good draft up the flue. Here’s another How to Video from Jotul.  Take note they also reference heating the flue to create a positive updraft before they start the rest of the fire.